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Rob Knight

Rob Knight

LUMIX Ambassador

Travel and Nature photographer Rob Knight has been a professional artist for nearly thirty years. He’s been a photographer for more than half of that time and an educator since 2010.
Rob is Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador, a Tenba Visual Artist, and GNARBOX ambassador. He’s been using mirrorless cameras since before they were cool. Rob is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom, and he was a finalist for the National Association of Photoshop Professional’s “Photoshop Guru” award for photography in 2008 and 2009. His Lightroom training includes the Essentials for Lightroom app for iOS and countless classes and workshops. Rob has published two books, Snapshots to Great Shots: LUMIX GX7 & GM1 and The Enthusiast’s Guide to the LUMIX LX100.
Rob is best known for his destination photo workshops, his easy-going teaching style and his informative critiques. Rob enjoys teaching in a classroom setting, but he loves teaching and exploring with students on location. Rob began leading photo workshops in 2010 with a focus on nature and wildlife photography. Some of his favorite locations are Costa Rica, Route 66, and costal Maine.
Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson


I’m a warrior. A true sojourner, someone always seeking love and truth anywhere I can find it; within, with out, wherever. I’m a passionate fool for authenticity and a glutton for felt experience. I’ve always been in love with the natural world. My writing and podcasting for a project called findingyourpulse.com includes many musings related to my deep connection to nature.

I’ve made a life out of learning how to heal and grow, as a daughter, girl, woman, mother, friend, lover, & healer. My title in the world is psychotherapist, yet my life title is to be determined, continuously.  I’m still learning about this creature which is me, and I help others do the same in my practice. My favorite work is to reconnect humans to nature, which is what drew me to Creative Immersion projects.

To learn more about Holly and her work, click here.

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